Head for heights? 'World's highest roller coaster' set to break record at 520ft tall

Head for heights? 'World's highest roller coaster' set to break record at 520ft tall

Last week we brought you the world's tallest waterslide - but this 520ft monster may be too much for even the biggest thrillseeker.

The enormous 'Polercoaster' will be the highest roller coaster in the world when it opens in Florida.

Standing at 520ft (158) and hitting speeds of 60mph, it has a diameter of 150ft and will be finished in Spring 2016.

Those brave enough to take it on will be whisked to the top of the tower, before diving, rolling and looping downward.

For those who don't have a strong enough stomach for the roller coaster, there will also be an observation deck, restaurant and shops at the top of the tower.

A website for the Polercoaster claims the record-breaking ride - which could cost as much as $60million to build - will carry between 850 and 1600 passengers.

By the time it's finished, officials hope it will top the current record of the Kingda Ka rude at Six Flags New Jersey, which is 456ft tall.

It hasn't been revealed where the 'Polercoaster' will be built yet, but it is likely to be constructed in one of Orlando's main theme parks.

It is thought the giant 'coaster could be built on International Drive, the main tourist road through Orlando.

Dennis Speigel, president of International Theme Park Services, told the Orlando Sentinel: 'I think it might be in one of the associated, ancillary I-Drive [International Drive] type things, something of that nature.'

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