In Head-to-Toe Gold Body Glitter, #HurtBae Turns Into ‘Hot Bae’

Kourtney Jorge goes from what people called “Hurt Bae” to Hot Bae as she poses dripped in gold glitter. (Photo: Instagram/creolekourt)

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wished you could sit pretty for a portrait or yourself after being dipped in luxurious, shimmering gold? Well, Atlanta model Kourtney Jorge did what appears to be just that, and the Internet can’t get enough of how blindingly stunning she looks.

Jorge, who many will remember from her nickname “Hurt Bae” — based on a disheartening confrontational on-camera breakup she had with a cheating boyfriend — has gained a massive following and captures lots of love for all her next-level selfie shots and model-esque pics. One of her recently shared photos, features her sitting upright with a full head of box braids, a big red rose, and her body completely covered in gold glitter from the neck down. As one would imagine, her followers went absolutely loco over how hot she looked. She captioned the photo, “24k Black Girl Magic.”

A few of comments admiring Jorge’s extraordinary photo went a little something like this:

“You truly are work of art, God took his time with you”

“Gonna break the internet with this one”

“Golden Goddess”

“Needs to be on a cover”

“She sexy af”

Within the last couple of years, it looks like the beauty has had no shortage of amazing moments on social media, but her latest look is Internet gold, literally. “When I go to my hometown of Atlanta, I’m always looking to create new looks and step out of my comfort zone,” she shares with Yahoo Beauty.  “My Atlanta-based photographer, Colin Taylor Burnett, suggested body paint with well-known artist Ed, also known as @BodyPaintKing on Instagram. He asked me what look I wanted to go for, and I chose gold. I loved the idea of 24-karat gold, and, of course, the popular song, so I thought, how cool would it be to cover my entire body in gold!”

To get Jorge’s glitter-full look, the artist first applied adhesive all over her body using a sponge and then poured a mix of gold, silver, and black glitter all over the body to create depth and highlight certain areas. “The glitter took about an hour to fully coat my entire body, and an extra 30 minutes to completely dry and adhere to my skin,” she shares.

Naturally, everyone also wants to know how long it took to get all that glitter off. Jorge gave a humorous little insight into how exactly that went down. “When the shoot was over, the artist was supposed to give me a bottle of adhesive remover that he uses when applying glitter, but he forgot to leave the bottle,” she shares. “I panicked for a minute, but luckily I had some friends over that were able to help me get if off.  It took four of my friends with our garden hose, dish soap, and exfoliating gloves for nearly an hour in the backyard at my parent’s house to try and get it off. Coconut oil helped, too.” She also went on to note, “I have very sensitive skin, and I use it in my daily skin care routine as moisturizer as it helps to soothe. I just got back in New York and still have traces of glitter on my body now. That stuff is really hard to remove!”

For those of you wondering if Jorge posted this dazzling photo to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend of #HurtBae fame and remind him how amazing she is, her response is simple: “Not at all! My ex-boyfriend was not a factor in my decision to do the shoot.”

There’s 24-karat magic in the air.

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