Headaches Can Be ‘Zapped Away’ With Device Which Blocks Pain Signals For Sufferers

This small, portable device can zap away excruciating headaches. The new GammaCore gadget by electroCore, Inc. uses non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation to soothe pain without drugs. The device is held against the neck and delivers a low-level electric current to block pain signals relieving pain from people suffering from ‘cluster’ headaches. The device has recently been announced as now being available on the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS). In the UK, cluster headaches affect around 11,000 people, which is why the NHS decided to come up with a solution. The British healthcare system is expanding the use of GammaCore after successful trials held over the last two years. Cluster headaches begin quickly and are often described as a sharp, burning or piercing sensation on one side of the head with attacks lasting between 15 minutes and three hours and occurring up to eight times a day. Patients can use the device regularly to prevent cluster headaches or when they feel one starting to come on.