New headband designed to identify your sleep patterns will give you a report when you wake up

Sian Bayley

A new headband designed at analysing your sleep and identifying problems such as insomnia without having to go to a sleep clinic, has been unveiled.

The Dreem device measures the user’s brain activity, heart rate, respiratory rate and movement during sleep, and collects the data on an application to produce a sleep report every morning.

It is made from foam and fabric and uses band adjusters in three different sizes for comfort and accuracy.

During daylight hours the accompanying app offers recommendations and exercises to help users achieve a “satisfying sleep structure.”

These range from restructuring sleep structure, which helps users fall asleep quicker and reduce the amount of times they wake up during the night, to rituals which train users to wake up without feeling too tired.

Dreem is a French neurotechnology company and has developed the headband after five years of research and development.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, around 22 per cent of the population suffers from insomnia, which has been linked to increasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Hugo Mercier, CEO and Co-founder of Dreem said: “Only 18 per cent of sleep problems are diagnosed and treated. There simply aren’t enough sleep clinics and experts out there to meet the population’s needs. Our ambition is to develop tools and technologies capable of helping people suffering from sleep problems, in a non-invasive, effective and accessible way.”