'Outstanding' headteacher receives nationwide support after suspension for saying some teachers 'did nothing' during lockdown

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    paul c
    By the way, keep in mind a % of students and parents never showed. I sent stuff to the kids and their parents, I would translate the entire assignment into Spanish and I would go weeks without a reply, a question, a picture, a video. I begged all parents to send pictures and video so I could help them cue and improve the children. I suggested flexibility in when they did it, what materials, explaining they could adapt it as it was more about the actions than the task (for therapy). I’ve forged a strong interactive relationship with some of my parents. Others never showed.

    Additionally, teachers got a ton of complaints that they We’re sending too much. I know I initially was sending double what I would get done in a normal session as I felt I had to compensate since I wasn’t ‘hands on’ but found a balance by week three.
    No matter what choice the district made we had complaints. Some complained it was too much work, others it wasn’t enough. Some complained about grades, some screamed against pass/fail.

    I am thankful our superintendent was a proactive, transparent leader and was on his game. I know that it helped us be organized and ‘ahead’ of other schools in the area.
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    She's likely right in a few cases. What's scary is that we can't even express our opinion anymore, even in schools. There is nothing wrong with what she said.
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    I’m sorry to say that she is right & just not through this virus but during a regular school year. My daughter taught elementary school for almost 40 years so I’ve seen it first hand. In the door, at time for school to start & out the door at 3pm. Didn’t contribute anything to extra- curricular activities! I don’t blame this lady from stating the truth. I wish her luck in her next assignment!
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    I'm sure this varies by school district, but from my observation, it's indisputable that some teachers worked way less during remote learning. My sister is a teacher. I love her dearly, but I live with her, and I saw with my own eyes that she was only putting in a couple of hours of work each day, and sometimes not even that. Teachers were ordered to reduce the number of assignments to the bare minimum, and they were not required to hold live meetings with students or even to record themselves giving lectures for students to watch at home. This meant that almost no time was spent on lesson planning, and there was a huge drop in the amount of grading she had to do. I think it's right to point this out, and to question why taxpayers are paying the full salary/benefits for teachers to only work a few hours each day.
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    She's right. We have quite a lot of teachers living around here and they have the best-tended gardens in the locality!
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    Das Dicke Ende Kommt Noch
    People getting paid for working from home and not doing anything. Imagine that.
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    Having left education 2 years ago for the reason she stated, lack of commitment from a minority of the teaching profession. This happens on a daily basis even without a crisis. On the other hand there will always be truly dedicated professionals who go the extra mile.
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    Teachers gave students stuff to do and many students didn't do it. Anyone surprised that students didn't do the work if their grade couldn't go down no matter what?

    The only thing a teacher could enforce was an incomplete but it was strongly discouraged and there were many hoops involved to go through that process.

    These are the facts for many high schools.
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    Gogo gadget
    Teachers are a valuable accessory in our children's education, but we as the parents are the primary educators. I still love doing math and the wife likes to speak other languages, it works well.
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    She should learn that speaking the truth is not what some people want to hear