Health Sector on 'Red Alert' as 67 Injured in Peru Protests

At least 67 people were injured in three days of anti-government protests that put the health sector on “red alert” in the tourist city of Cusco, local health officials announced on Friday, January 13.

This footage showing a large crowd singing as they march through the city’s Plaza de Armas, with many carrying Peruvian flags, was posted on Instagram by @elizabeth.jllv on Friday.

Peru 21 quoted journalist Karerina Bayona as saying protesters arrived from different provinces of Cusco on January 10, before mobilizing through the city’s Plaza de Armas, El Sol avenue, and other major arteries.

In a statement posted on Facebook that announced hospitals were being put on “red alert”, Cusco’s Regional Health Department said: “On the third day of clashes between protesters and police officers… to date, a total of 67 injuries have been reported”, according to a machine translation.

Protests have broken out across Peru during a month of demonstrations, which have left at least 46 dead according to the nation’s ombudsman. Credit: @elizabeth.jllv via Storyful