Healthcare Analytics: Quantzig Presents Three Success Stories on How Healthcare Industry Leaders are Capitalizing on Emerging Opportunities

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Quantzig has an extensive team that comprises data scientists and advanced healthcare analytics experts who focus on data analysis and implement evidence-based approaches to tackle healthcare challenges. The cross-functional teams work closely with healthcare organizations to help them deal with large real-world databases and identify various risk factors and analyze factors that impact healthcare outcomes. Quantzig also has the expertise in offering a wide range of analytics solutions that can help tackle a plethora of challenges faced by companies in the healthcare sector, including risk management, data management, and patient-centric issues.

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How Quantzig's healthcare analytics solutions help drive positive business outcomes (Graphic: Business Wire)

As healthcare data analytics continues to play a crucial role, the application of advanced methodologies and systems can translate to better healthcare outcomes for companies in the healthcare industry. Request a FREE proposal to know more about our offerings for the healthcare sector.

Quantzig’s recent engagements span a series of collaborations with three Fortune 500 healthcare service providers. During the course of these engagements, Quantzig helped the clients to leverage healthcare analytics to drive better patient outcomes, streamline operations, and reduce costs. Apart from offering in-depth solution insights, these success stories also shed light on Quantzig’s analytics prowess and ability to drive growth across different healthcare segments.

Success Story #1

How Healthcare Analytics Helped a Healthcare Client to Unravel Many Facets of The Oncology Drugs Segment to Launch a New Product Successfully

The client, a leading player in the specialty drugs market, based out of the United States, wanted to leverage healthcare analytics to make a remarkable entry into the oncology drugs segment through the introduction of a new oncology drug. The healthcare service client approached Quantzig to gain the desired insights and support needed to launch the new drug successfully. To help them tackle their challenges, the healthcare analytics experts adopted a three-pronged approach to offer timely, targeted insights to aid drug development. Along with identifying the factors driving therapies, drug development, and treatment selection, the offered solutions also helped the client to identify barriers to utilization. Equipped with such granular insights, the client was better positioned to gauge marketing effectiveness and the success ratio of its new product prior to its launch.

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Success Story #2

How Quantzig Healthcare Firm to Reduce Readmission Rates By Identifying High-Risk Cohorts

Recent advances in healthcare have prompted healthcare organizations to redesign their workflows to manage patients better and avoid government penalties. To do so, healthcare service providers are now focusing on reducing patient readmission rates by implementing healthcare analytics in their organizational workflows. The predictive models used by the client, in this case, were isolated along the care continuum focusing only on specific silos and not the entire healthcare workflow. They approached Quantzig, looking to leverage patient readmission analytics to fully integrate predictive models into their workflows and devise readmission reduction strategies to drive impactful transformations. By integrating healthcare analytics into their workflow, Quantzig helped the client achieve four main goals centered around reducing patient readmission, including – improvements in the performance of predictive models, ability to identify high-risk patient cohorts and reduce costs.

Success Story #3

Health Data Analytics Helped a Leading Healthcare Industry Player Realize Over 5% in Profits

With new technological offering promising outcomes in the healthcare industry trends, the client recognized that patient experiences can always be improved if they quickly respond via the correct channels to manage the expectations of their customers. By leveraging Quantzig’s healthcare data analytics solution, the client wanted to improve its focus on building stronger bonds with potential customers. Quantzig’s team of advanced customer analytics experts comprising of 550+ customer analytics experts offered actionable insights that helped the client to organize their future vision, boost the outcomes, and reduce time to value.

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