Hear Me Out, Why Loki And Mobius Is The Real Love Story In Marvel's Disney+ Series

 (L-R): Owen Wilson as Mobius and Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Marvel Studios' LOKI, Season 2, exclusively on Disney+.
(L-R): Owen Wilson as Mobius and Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Marvel Studios' LOKI, Season 2, exclusively on Disney+.

Spoilers for Season 2 of Loki are ahead! If you aren’t caught up, you can stream the Marvel series with a Disney+ subscription

I’ve become quite the Loki and Mobius shipper during Season 2 of Loki, and a lot of the internet has too. While it seemed like the primary love story of the show centered around the titular character and another Loki variant, Sylvie, I’ve come to the conclusion that the real romance here is between Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson’s characters. And whether you want the two to kiss or remain close friends, there’s no denying that the best love story in Loki is between the God of Mischief and this TVA agent.

There have been so many moments this season where I've gotten all giddy over a little moment Loki and Mobius had. From Loki's reaction to seeing him again after thinking the TVA he knew was gone, to the two-talking shop while snacking on kettle corn or cooling down over a slice of key lime pie, they're clearly the best (and most entertaining) pair on the show.

While what I described above is all fun, this relationship and its meaning stems from something deeper: Mobius is the only character who truly has faith in Loki and shows compassion toward him. Over on X, @Lokius384 made this point when the posted:

Thinking about how Loki has never been properly loved in his entire life & then Mobius comes along & knows every single thing about him & still chooses to be his friend & how much that must mean to Loki that someone can love him that much & care for him that much #Loki #Lokius

I couldn’t agree more. I’m so here for this beautiful relationship. When I thought about the Marvel movies in order, and how Loki fit into them, I couldn’t help but notice how most characters weren’t that nice to him, or they always approached him with an air of caution, understandably. For example, while I get why Thor can’t trust his mischievous brother, it also means that even Loki’s own sibling hasn’t shown him much empathy or compassion.

While speaking with Tumblr, Tom Hiddleston opened up about this idea, the duo’s friendship, and why he loved it. Citing the first episode of Season 1, the actor explained why his character’s first interaction with Mobius was so special, saying that the agent was able to look at the god, and “confront” him “without judgment and with compassion.” Concluding his thoughts, Hiddleston said:

I think it’s really real. I think there’s a lot of love and care and affection there. It’s very sincere and presents something new for Loki. I don’t think he’s ever had a friend before. So yeah, I really loved it.

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Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston sitting at a table in the TVA Automat in Loki.
Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston sitting at a table in the TVA Automat in Loki.

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Along with the wonderful meaning baked into this relationship, I also think Tom Hiddelston’s Loki and Owen Wilson’s Mobius have the best chemistry on the show. They balance one another perfectly, and they are genuinely hilarious together. As they bicker like an old married couple, there’s also a deep care they have for each other, like an old married couple. If you watch just about any episode in Season 2, you'll see if effect on full display.

With Loki and Sylvie it feels one-sided, especially after she kills He Who Remains and goes to live on a timeline branch. With Loki and Thor (or anyone in his family really) there’s too much pain and history. Overall, the God of Mischief hasn’t had a chance to start over and find mutual love with another person. That’s what he has with Mobius, and that care is shown time and time again in Season 2 as they work together to save the TVA.

Whether you see Loki and Mobius’ relationship as romantic or platonic, it’s the most meaningful relationship in one of Disney+’s best shows. So, now that you are also hopefully on board with the greatest love story in Loki, and maybe even the MCU, you can see how it progresses by tuning into the last two episodes on the 2023 TV schedule. They drop every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Disney+. After Season 2 is over, make sure to stay up to date on Marvel’s upcoming TV shows to see what stories are coming your way next.