'It's heartbreaking' fume angry locals over 'overgrown' Coventry cemetery

An image of the overgrown London Road Cemetery taken in late May 2024
-Credit: (Image: Resident)

Angry readers have been left fuming at 'overgrown' cemeteries in Coventry with some saying the situation is 'heartbreaking'. It follows concerns raised about London Road cemetery after an image revealed the grass is almost as high as some of the gravestones.

The city council has blamed the wet weather for the lack of maintenance but it has left dozens of CoventryLive readers livid. More than 100 took to our page on Facebook to express their disgust, not only at that cemetery but others across the city.

The council said that the rainy weather has hit spring grounds maintenance work at a total of six cemeteries but some locals have said that the situation is so bad that they cannot see their loved ones' graves and some even saying that the sight of the cemeteries are currently too upsetting for them to even venture there.

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Posting on the CoventryLive page on Facebook, Claire Mcdowell said: "It's horrendous...I went this morning and it's heartbreaking....it has been like this for weeks."

Carole Bailey added: "It's an absolute disgrace so disrespectful to the loved ones of the people that have been laid to rest. Remind me just how much do we pay the council for this!" while Karen Gorman said: "Funny how the council have managed to cut all the grass leading from the train station in to town for the motor fest, this council is a joke maybe we should have a No council tax May.

Others say that it is not just London Road cemetery that is causing upset with Anne Hamilton posting: " Canley is the same absolute disgrace , get those on community service to clean it up" while Sylv Mangan said: "Lenton’s lane baby section is disgusting. Tiny graves covered in high grass. Coventry council shame on you!!"

Sheilagh Howe posted: "All the cemeteries are an absolute disgrace, the council need to do something about them and quick, when they do start strimming around they didn't even collect the grass up, believe you me, there's a election coming up and if something isn't done and quick. I will be staying at home"

But not all were in agreement with some praising the council inadvertently taking part in 'No mow May', which is Plantlife's annual campaign which calls on all lawn owners not to mow during May to help encourage wildlife.

Xandra Gilchrist said: "This is a wonderful habitat for so many invertebrates & plants... providing food for.. birds, hedgehogs, foxes, badgers & so much more, nourishing our soil & supporting our hugely diminished wildlife population. We rely on nature for our own wellbeing & all our futures. 'No mow May' is a drop in the ocean, but a welcome step. Bravo Coventry City Council

Sue Duffy added: "No Mow May ... gives the bees and insects a chance."

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