'Heartbroken' Taylor Swift fan rushed to Edinburgh hospital during concert

Sienna Dell
-Credit: (Image: Mandy Dell)

A 10-year-old girl is 'heartbroken' after she took unwell during Taylor Swift's concert in Edinburgh and was forced to miss most of it.

Sienna Dell was blue-lightened to The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh on Friday evening - just a quarter of a way into the highly anticipated show. The 10-year-old has an IV line that goes into her heart, and mum Mandy Dell explained Sienna 'didn't feel great' at the start of the gig.

She was then rushed to the hospital after falling unwell and is devastated she missed out on seeing her idol.

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Mandy and Sienna had travelled a gruelling 10 hours from London to see the Fortnight singer, calling it a 'dream come true' for the 10-year-old who got emotional when Taylor Swift appeared on stage. It had been a struggle to get their hands on tickets and Mandy explained they had 'used all of their savings' to make this trip happen - only for Sienna to see one a quarter of it.

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Sienna surrounded by paramedics
Sienna was rushed to hospital during the evening -Credit:Mandy Dell

Posting on Facebook, Mandy said: "We need your help. As many of you know we tried so hard to get Sienna to the Taylor Swift concert. We were thankfully able to secure tickets to Edinburgh after failing to secure London tickets. She prepped for months and we used all our savings to make this come true.

"We travelled from London to Scotland yesterday and she was buzzing, unfortunately, 1/4 of the way through I had to keep removing Sienna from the stadium as she wasn’t feeling great. I thought at first it was just overwhelming /exciting but unfortunately, Sienna did become unwell and was blue-lighted to Edinburgh hospital."

"She only got to see 1/4 of it."

Mandy is now hoping Sienna can still see the superstar as Taylor is set to perform in Liverpool, Cardiff, London and Dublin this summer.

"We would really like a second chance and for her to get the chance to either re-do or a message from Taylor or anything at this point really. She is devastated. Could you help us reach Taylor Swift."