‘Hearthstone’ Cloneball Tavern Brawl Guide: Legendaries, Get in Here!

Steven Asarch
‘Hearthstone’ Cloneball Tavern Brawl Guide: Legendaries, Get in Here!

This week’s Hearthstone Tavern Brawl is “Cloneball,” a classic we’ve seen many times before. After picking a class, you get a deck consisting of random Legendaries, four copies of each. You’ll also get a few Offensive Play spells added to your hand that lower the cost of the next Legendary minion you play this turn. All the copies in your hand and deck will have the same reduced cost. This allows you to build up powerful minions before they’d normally be allowed to play, making the game a bit faster. The game doesn’t use Standard rules, so you can see powerful minions from every past expansion.

“Cloneball” is incredibly aggravating. Your opponent can have unlimited Yseras while you have four copies of Lorewalker Cho. In turn one of my first game, my enemy played Barnes who picked up Y'shaarj and then played another Barnes. To say that “Cloneball” is entirely RNG is an understatement. The game mode uses all your luck, so if you still have any leftover pixie dust from those Overwatch Anniversary Loot Boxes, now is your time to use it. This Brawl can be fun if you don’t take it seriously, but it’s aggravating to you lose over and over to cards outside your control.

There are Legendary minions that are above the rest and if you haven’t spent much tmie with Hearthstone , it’s a great way to play with the game’s most powerful cards. Fingers crossed you don’t see The Darkness, Mayor Noggenfogger, The Boogeymonster, Gruul, or any of the princes. Here are the Legendary minions I’m hoping appear in my deck.

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Baron Geddon - Summoning a minion that can deal two damage every turn for almost nothing is too good to pass up.

Emperor Thaurissan- Lower the cost of the minions in your hand even more? I think I will.

Ragnaros- Eight damage every turn never felt so good.

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The Curator- Who doesn’t like drawing cards for free?

Aviana- Every minion you have costs one mana, I like the sound of that.

Rend Blackhand- Kills any Legendary minion, guess what this Brawl is full of?

Do you like Tavern Brawls like “Cloneball” or are they the worst? The answer: they are the worst.

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