Heartstopper boss teases challenges for Nick in season 2

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Heartstopper boss challenges for Nick in S2netflix - Netflix

Heartstopper boss Alice Oseman says there will be tough times ahead for Nick Nelson in season two.

Speaking to the Radio Times ahead of the premiere later this year, Oseman revealed that Kit Connor's character will come across further obstacles.

"This season, Nick wants to come out to the world, but, faced with his nasty brother, his mostly absent father, and his laddy mates, soon finds that it's not as easy as he initially thought," they said.

The Netflix series creator went on to explain that Nick will lean on boyfriend Charlie (Joe Locke) for support, with Charlie neglecting his own feelings as a result.

joe locke as charlie spring, kit connor as nick nelson, heartstopper

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Despite the challenges ahead for the main characters, Oseman reassured that it wouldn't be all bad.

They added: "But no matter the challenges ahead for the Heartstopper gang, we all know that they'll be OK in the end!"

Following the huge success of season one, the show has been renewed for two more seasons, with the second outing set to premiere on Netflix this August.

Oseman also promised plenty more tension and drama in the new season, revealing that the storyline is more lengthened in the show compared with the graphic novel.

kit connor, joe locke, heartstopper

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"Everything happens so fast in the graphic novels, but in the show we want to lengthen the storylines - therefore more obstacles have to cross our characters' paths," they said.

The author and screenwriter recently hinted that the new series would also explore an asexuality storyline for Isaac.

"Asexuality will be discussed on TV in a big way. I’m excited. I hope it’ll change the world," they told Attitude earlier this year.

Heartstopper is streaming on Netflix. Seasons 2 will be released on August 3, with season 3 also having been confirmed.

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