Heartwarming Footage Captures 3-Year-Old Girl Returning Home After COVID-19 Battle

An Oklahoma mother shared heartwarming footage of her young daughter Aurora returning home, after a difficult battle with COVID-19.

This footage, livestreamed on Facebook by Amelia Cannon cannon shows 3-year-old Aurora greeting her baby sister after her family was escorted home by local fire trucks.

Cannon previously shared footage of her daughter struggling to breathe while fighting the infection in hospital.

According to local media reports Cannon, a registered nurse, said she felt “regret and guilt” as she “exposed her daughter to the virus after catching it from one of her patients.”

In a separate post made on Monday, Cannon shared the news of Aurora’s recovery saying that her daughter’s medical team were “amazed at how quickly she turned around.” Cannon went on to say “I am so happy that this chapter of our lives is coming to a close.. we will never be the same”. Credit: Amelia Cannon via Storyful

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