Heartwarming moment injured dog is rescued from motorway by kind drivers

This is the heartwarming moment passing drivers helped to rescue a stray dog that was left for dead after being hit by a car.

Supara Tansit spotted the injured female pooch on the highway while she was travelling to work in Bangkok, central Thailand, last Wednesday (January 1) morning.

A taxi driver had stopped near the central reservation and was flagging down vehicles for help, so Supara pulled over.

The office worker said: "I saw a taxi driver waving a flag for help and there was a stray dog who was injured laying on the opposite side of the road. I turned round to go back to the scene and we figured out a way to help the poor dog."

Supara and the taxi driver, named Prapat, agreed to call rescue team because they could not cross the busy road.

Footage shows the wounded stray, an Apsin type of dog, being taken into the car by the hands of the rescue worker while two motorists helped.

One of the rescuers, Siriphong, scooped up the pooch by wrapping it in a blanket and placing it in Supara's sedan so she could drive the to a vet.

Supara later collected donations from friends to help with the medical costs for the dog, which she nicknamed 'Lucky'.

She said: "The pooch is now in the vet's hands. I hope she will get well soon and after that I will find a new home for her.

"I intended to help her, just thinking of saving one life. Sometimes humans should be more aware of driving because these roads are so hazardous. Not many dogs survive if they try to cross them.''