Heartwarming moment kind trucker stops traffic to help frail pensioner cross the road

Fiona Simpson
Good Samaritan: The video has been watched 5 million times: Facebook

This is the heartwarming moment a kind trucker stopped traffic to help a frail pensioner cross a busy road.

The video, which has been watched millions of times across the globe, showed the burly driver stop traffic in Griffin, Georgia, to help the man shuffle across the street with his Zimmer frame.

A fellow driver who stopped to let them pass filmed the moving scene before sharing the footage on Facebook.

E’Ondria Weems posted the sweet clip with the caption: “Y’all this man stopped traffic to help him... & my heart” followed by a crying face and heart emoji.

It has since been watched 5.8 million times and appeared on news channels across the globe.

Ms Weems added: “Positive influences go a long way.”

US news channel WBS-TV also shared the video with the caption: “It's little things like this that remind us of the good in the world.”