Heartwarming moment London man gives bacon sandwich and coffee to homeless person

This was the amazing moment Benjamin Marsden made a bacon sandwich and a cup of coffee to give to a homeless person he saw sleeping on the streets outside their hotel in Ickenham, Greater London.

The clip captured by Lee, Benjamin's father, shows the sweet moment Benjamin decided to carry out this act of kindness to a stranger, after feeling guilty that he had nothing.

Lee told Newsflare: "In our profession, we work away a lot and we travel all over the country and unfortunately see a lot of homeless people.

"On this particular day, we were eating our breakfast in a hotel when we noticed a homeless man. He was not begging and he was out of the way of people just sleeping on the floor. We felt really bad eating a full English breakfast and decided between the three of us that we had to do something.

"So we decided to give the homeless man a coffee and a bacon sandwich. To which he was so grateful he could not thank us enough."

Lee also told Newsflare that they plan on buying a meal for a homeless person again, every time they work away as it made them feel good.

"One act of kindness no matter how big or small won’t change the world but may change someone’s life or thoughts at that time without you realising it," he continued.