Heartwarming moment orphaned bear is reunited with human carer after years apart

This is the adorable moment Sonya the orphaned bear is reunited with one of her caretakers, Johnathan, at a center in Otisville, New York. The clip filmed on October 28 at the Orphaned Wildlife Center, shows Sonya, who has been orphaned since since was a cub, holding her paws out to Johnathan before repeatedly rolling on the floor on her back. The filmer told Newsflare: “Sonya is a bear that has been at the Orphaned Wildlife Center since she was a cub. She can not be released back into the wild and is therefore provided lifetime sanctuary care. "When she was a small cub, Johnathan used to be one of her caretakers. She has not seen him for many, many, years but recently he came to visit her to see if she would remember him. Not only did she race to the fence line when she heard his voice, but she also immediately started playing with him ion a game they used to play when she was a cub, where he would put his hands out and she would put her paws in them and he would pull her forward and she rocked back. "She not only remembered Johnathan, but also remembered the game they used to play when she was small."