Heartwarming moment woman finds out her newborn granddaughter is named after her

The is the heartwarming moment a tearful mum discovered her newborn granddaughter was named after her. The lovely moment was captured in the delivery ward soon after Carolyn McCulloh, 38, gave birth to little Maxine Elaine McCulloh. Carolyn's mum Maxine Craft, 69, can be seen holding little granddaughter Maxine moments after beingtold the newborn's name. Stunned Maxine turns around to see her own name written on the board. Maxine is heard saying "Oh my god", when she realises the surprise. Carolyn, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, who works in sales, said: "My parents and brother had come to the hospital to meet my daughter. "Our first child was born at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, so they were unable to come to the hospital to meet him. "We wanted them to be able to have the experience this time." Carolyn revealed that naming her baby after her mother is a great way to honour a family member, who had so much influence on her and her children's lives. She added: "I am very close to my mother and she plays such a big role in my son’s life. "I’ve always loved the idea of being able to incorporate family names into our children’s names to make it even more special. "I think it such a great way to honour people who have such a special role in our lives. "She was named after my mum, Maxine, and my husband's grandmother, Elaine." The footage was captured at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, on December 1, 2022.