Heartwarming rescue story of abandoned cat Thor in Los Angeles

The heartwarming tale of Thor the cat is captured as after he was left abandoned in the streets of Los Angeles and given a happy forever home.

Meredith recalls a late, rainy night a few months back and hearing a beleaguered cat lying underneath a car for cover. sat down on the sidewalk and sensed she needed to help this creature.

"He mustered the courage to walk up to me. He was filthy and starving and so unbelievably sweet! I called my fiancé and Goddaughter to come out with food and a carrier. We took him home and the next day got him a vet check-up and clean up. I learned that he was most likely abandoned by his owners and was probably in the streets for about a year at the minimum. We fostered him for 2 weeks and that is when I found his new forever home with someone in Seattle, Washington. We paid for a service to drive him there and sure enough, 2 weeks later, he was on his way to Seattle to meet his new little family. He is now one happy lad!" said Meredith.

Meredith and Spencer are a couple that runs The Purrrfect Bunch, a rescue business for cats in Los Angeles, and have been featured by local media. Their website is thepurrrfectrescue.com