Heartwarming video shows Glasgow girl, 7, surprised with Taylor Swift tickets on day of show

The moment a young Glasgow girl was surprised with Taylor Swift tickets on the day of the concert has gone viral in a heartwarming video.

Little Lexi-Mae Smith is a huge Swiftie but her parents were unable to get tickets for the superstars three-night stay at Murrayfield in Edinburgh - or so she thought.

The seven-year-old's parents managed to get a hold of last minute tickets to the Eras Tour show but kept this a secret from their daughter.

Dad Garry Elliott and mum Karen Smith, who live in Pollok, told her they could go along to Murrayfield on Friday to listen to the concert from outside the venue. Lexi-Mae's sisters Summer, 15, and Chloe, 14, even did her hair and makeup before they headed off.

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Garry captured the moment on film when she was presented with the tickets. Lexi-Mae looked stunned before beginning to cry and giving her mum a big hug. A later video showed the youngster singing along at the concert to Love Story - her favourite Taylor Swift song.

Lexi-Mae told Glasgow Live that she was was "very excited" by the surprise.

Lexie-Mae at the concert.
Lexie-Mae at the concert. -Credit:Garry Elliott

She said: "I was very excited, I didn’t expect it at all.

"Taylor Swift is my favourite singer and my favourite song from the concert was Love Story.

"I’ve been a fan for five years, since I was a baby."

The family on the train through to Edinburgh.
The family on the train through to Edinburgh. -Credit:Garry Elliott

Garry added: "Friday morning I went on a school trip with her to the Glasgow Science Centre. We’d been trying to get tickets for weeks and weeks but they were so expensive. My fiancée phoned me that morning saying there were tickets and I said to just take them. We paid £300 for each tickets - £600 in total."

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He said he was shocked by the popularity of the video, which has had nearly 300,000 views since he posted it.

"I take videos all the time, for instagram and TikTok and I never thought it’d go the way it went," he said. "My phone has been nonstop.

"It’s not even just me, her sister and everything, they got her all ready. It was just madness.

"To see everybody commenting, it makes me feel so proud of what we did for her."