Heat-Stressed Joey Rescued by Aussie Farmer as Drought Continues

Jake Lacey was shocked when a joey began to grab and kick him while he was working on his family’s cattle station 175km north of Broken Hill, New South Wales, on January 23.

When he offered the young roo some water Mr Lacey realised the joey was just thirsty due to the intense heat.

“I was fixing a windmill and in the shade of the water tank next to it was this Joey,” Lacey, 29, told Storyful.

“It came and grabbed me trying to kick me a few times but didn’t have the strength.

“I then got some water for it and it drank straight away. The video is actually of its 5th cup of water from me.

“I got the windmill fixed so water went into the trough.”

The Broken Hill region was among other areas in NSW worst affected by drought conditions. Lacey, who is a fourth-generation grazier, said temperatures for the area during January ranged from 40 to 48 degrees Celsius. He added that his property hadn’t seen significant rainfall in over two years.

“It’s been hot here. Around 40C to 48C this week. The drought been going on for so long which hasn’t help anyone here in the western division,” he said.

“We haven’t had any good rain here in over two years, so everyone here is doing it hard,” he said.

A number of animals had been spotted struggling with dry, hot conditions experienced across the country over summer. Credit: Jake Lacey via Storyful