Heath goes on the attack and punches Zac

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Photo credit: Channel 5

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Heath urges Bianca to think before making her decision about the baby, but her mind is set. Heath knows this all comes from fear and assures her that the doctors will be with her the entire way. It appears that he's made progress with her, but it's not long until Bianca secretly enters the hospital alone and has a measured discussion with Tori about terminating the pregnancy.

The next day, Heath finds Bianca's termination kit at the Beach House. At the same time, Bianca has come to meet up with Zac and discuss some school plans. When Heath turns up unexpectedly and discovers Bianca being comforted by Zac about the situation, he punches Zac in the face.

Photo credit: Channel 5
Photo credit: Channel 5

Meanwhile, Kat is frustrated by the lack of progress on the arson investigation. She orders her fellow officers to head back out and search for leads. Kat also asks Phoebe to supply a list of volunteers and contractors from the festival, working on the theory that the arsonist attended it at some point.

Kat then bumps into Ash, who wants to know if she's made a decision about them, but she can't deal with that right now. Ash realises she is struggling with pressure at work and is supportive.

Elsewhere, Zac clashes with Leah over Hunter.

Also today, against her better judgement, Tori allows Justin to discharge himself from hospital, since Phoebe is happy to act as his nursemaid.

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