Heathrow Airport to pay workers up to £435 a day to clear snow from runways over Christmas

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Workers could get paid £435 a day to clear snow at Heathrow (Stock image)  (AFP/Getty Images)
Workers could get paid £435 a day to clear snow at Heathrow (Stock image) (AFP/Getty Images)

Heathrow Airport will pay workers up to £435 to clear snow from its runways, according to a recruitment website.

The role involves keeping aircraft stands and walkways safe at airports during spells of bad weather.

Anyone wishing to bag a well-paid job before the festive season can apply via jobs website Adzuna who raised awareness of the Heathrow role in a blog post.

Adzuna wrote: “The most lucrative winter position is for Snow Clearance Specialists, tasked with keeping aircraft stands and walkways safe at airports to keep them operating during inclement weather.

“Roles pay up to £435 per day at locations including Heathrow Airport.”

For those wishing to make extra cash this Christmas, Adzuna also has 34 openings for ice rink supervisors and 50 openings for Christmas tree sellers paying £10-£11 per hour.

Andrew Ward, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said it was unsurprising the role was highly paid as the airport struggles during periods of heavy snow.

He told The Sun: “We have wet snow in the UK, with a lot more moisture in it and that’s what causes disruptions.

“Wet snow is more of a problem as it turns to slush and ice, which is more difficult to clear than dry snow that can be easily blown or swept away.

“It makes it harder to keep the airport running smooth as there are additional hazards of ice, and aircraft need de-icing.”

It comes as the airport embarks on a significant recruitment drive ahead of the festive season with 600 new frontline roles currently being advertised.

The move follows the end of the US travel ban - a key market for the airport - which accounted for 20 per cent of the airport’s passenger traffic before the pandemic.

The airport is recruiting for new security officers, engineers and a variety of other roles following the easing of travel restrictions.

Heathrow Airport has been contacted for comment.

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