Heatwave in pictures: Wildfires across Europe, droughts and ice pops

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Europe is facing a heatwave as temperatures reach a record-high across Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Montenegro.


Fires have broken out in Spain where temperatures have peaked over 40C. Helicopters and firefights work on containing the dozens of burning fires during the second heatwave of the year in Guadapero, Spain.

People have been cooling off at a fountain at Madrid Rio Park while animals at Madrid Zoo have been offered watermelon ice pops and an apple to stay cool.


Northern Italy faces the worst drought in 70 years with its longest river, the Po, near Turin drying up. Weather forecasters have predicted temperatures to be in the high 30s and low 40s in many parts of the country over the weekend, with the heatwave set to last around 10 days.

People in Catania take a dip in the sea during the second heatwave.

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Dangerous blazes blast across Portugal as climate change brings very hot summers. Hundreds have been evacuated from their homes due to air conditions as the World Meteorological Organization issues health warnings. Hot winds fill the air with smoke and ash from forest fires.


Shepherds rest on the Durmitor mountain in Montenegro as authorities warn of extreme temperatures of high 30s in Montenegro and high 20s in the rest of the Balkans.


People have also gathered at Alimos beach in southern Greece as temperatures reached 40C. The high temperatures and drought conditions have also heightened the risk of forest fires, according to civil protections officials.

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