Hotter Than Ibiza: Britain Set For 30C Heatwave

Britain is set for the hottest week of the year so far with the mercury rising to at least 30C (86F), forecasters say.

Temperatures will rise as the week continues , peaking on Friday when parts of the UK will be hotter than Ibiza and Gran Canaria, experts predict.

Sky News weather producer Christopher England said the southeast of England would be hottest, but most other areas should see lots of sunshine too.

Monday has seen temperatures of 24C (75F), with similar weather expected on Tuesday - rising to 28C (82F) by Wednesday.

Sunbathers will then have to slather on more sun cream, with summer's hottest spell likely to bring a sweltering 30C (86F) by Friday.

"This should be the hottest period of the year so far," England said.

"The high temperatures will be seen in quite a wide area covering large parts of the country."

July 4 saw the year's previous highest temperature of 29C (84F).

Northern England and Scotland will reach temperatures up to 22C (71F), while Wales could see temperatures rise to 26C (79F) by the end of the week.

The warm weather is down to hot and humid air being pumped up from Spain, the Met office said.

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