Heatwave warning to UK tourists heading to Spain with 40C temperatures

UK tourists heading off for a holiday in Spain are in for a sunny stay, new forecasts reveal. New WXCharts weather maps reveal temperatures reach up to 40C in Spain and Portugal in a matter of days.

It comes at a tumultuous time for weather in Europe with thunderstorm warnings in place in the UK today. However, As summer kicks in, many holidaymakers are heading to Europe's coastal regions and they can expect sunshine.

Those planning a trip to the Iberian Peninsula next week should brace themselves for blistering heat. Weather maps indicate a significant rise in temperatures, with certain areas expected to be hotter than others.

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Spain, a favourite holiday spot for Brits, is set to experience temperatures ranging from 18C in the far north to a sizzling 38C in the south next week. On Wednesday, Seville could see temperatures hitting 37C, while Badajoz, located on the Portuguese border, could reach 36C.

By Friday, Seville is likely to remain the country's hot spot, while the port city of Huelva, nestled between Seville and Portugal, could also see temperatures nearing 40C, according to the Express. Meanwhile, Malaga is expected to bask in high 20s to low 30s, reports the Mirror.

WXCharts suggests that Portugal will also face intense heat next week, with the Algarve predicted to endure 37C on Wednesday and 38C on Thursday. Lisbon and Porto are also forecasted to experience mid-30s temperatures - similar to Braga, situated in the typically cooler northern part of the country.

While the UK won't be seeing soaring temperatures, most days are set to remain dry with some expected rainfall. The Met Office predicts a "typical springtime mix of weather" for the Bank Holiday weekend, which could include sunshine, showers, and potentially longer periods of rain in certain areas.

Temperatures are anticipated to hover around the seasonal average, but any extended sunny intervals should make it feel quite warm. Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Dan Harris commented on the outlook for Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday: "Sunday will have a mixture of sunny spells but also scattered, heavy and in places thundery downpours."

"Not everywhere will see them but where they do occur there is a small chance of some temporary issues such as flooded roads. Scotland will be cloudier with rain, while Northern Ireland will also be cloudy but with a chance that heavy showers could break out later too, bringing similar conditions to England and Wales."

Harris further noted: "The outlook for Bank Holiday Monday is for brighter, cooler and breezier conditions with scattered showers for England and Wales at first, but a steady drying trend from the west is likely. Northern Ireland could well start off fine but cool, and remain settled whilst feeling pleasantly warm in longer sunny spells."

"The focus for heavier showers is expected to transfer to Scotland and possibly northeast England, where again these could be slow moving, the heaviest of which could cause some temporary, localised issues such as flooded roads. We are keeping the weather warning situation under review, so please keep up to date with the latest warnings and forecasts from the Met Office if you have plans this Bank Holiday weekend."

The Met Office's long-range forecast from May 30 to June 8 says: "Sunny spells and showers across much of the UK at the start of this period, the showers perhaps heavy in places. Moving into the weekend, conditions will become more settled as high pressure builds in from the west."

"A few showers could still develop, particularly in the north, but for many it will become increasingly dry with spells of sunshine. For the week that follows, there are no particularly strong signals for a particular type of weather to dominate. Overall, the south of the UK will probably be drier, with focus for showers or rainfall tending to be across the north."