Heavy rainfall predicted for southern Mackenzie Mountains in N.W.T.

The N.W.T.'s department of Environment and Climate Change says heavy rainfall in the southern Mackenzie Mountains could cause a rapid rise in water levels on the South Nahanni River and around Nahanni Butte this week.

In a water monitoring report Tuesday, the department said there is "high confidence" between 60 and 80 millimetres of rain — about a month's worth — could fall, with the heaviest precipitation expected between Wednesday afternoon and Friday morning.

That could hit a number of rivers, such as the South Nahanni, North Nahanni, Root and Redstone rivers.

"A rise in water level of over one metre is possible if the rainfall is concentrated in one basin," the report states.

It suggested anyone out on the land this week should be prepared in case of flooding, and those in Nahanni Butte should monitor conditions closely in case of flooding.