Heavy Snow Forecasted in Parts of Japan Amid 'Once-in-a-Decade' Cold Snap

The Japan Meteorological Agency forecasted up to 100 centimeters (approximately 39 inches) of snow in the Hokuriku region of Japan on Tuesday, January 24, amid a “once-in-a-decade” cold snap, according to local news reports.

Footage posted to the Toyama City Tourism Association Twitter page shows overcast skies and snow descending on the grounds of a museum in Toyama, a city in the Hokuriku region of Japan.

The Japan Meteorological Agency issued weather warnings and advisories across most of Japan and said strong winds would impact the country on January 25.

According to local news reports, over 120 flights to and from airports facing the Sea of Japan were canceled on January 24 due to the storm. Credit: Toyama City Tourism Association via Storyful

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