This hedgehog gets into all kinds of adventures - like riding on his owner's Roomba!

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Meet the sweet pygmy hedgehog which takes rides around the house on its owner's Roomba vacuum cleaner.

Spyglius, an African Pygmy hedgehog, also enjoys a bath in the sink and is hand-fed fruit in these adorable videos. 

Banker Giedre Januševiciene, 34, said: "We bought Spyglius about a month and a half ago. 

"Usually he eats cat food, which is normal food for a hedgehog that lives indoors, but sometimes we give him different treats. 

"Sometimes it's worms or bugs. But he also likes apples, pears, and some berries."

Giedre, from Vilnius, Lithuania, added: "I'd say he's like a rabbit, but not really like a dog. 

He's quite friendly, just shy.

"He lives in a cage mostly, but if you put him in some corner during the day he'll find a slipper or something to hide in until it's dark. 

"Sometimes I'll find him in my slipper in the evening. Usually he sleeps all day and goes out when it's dark outside. 

"He's not a wild animal, though. He was specially bred for living indoors."