Heidi Klum does the no trousers trend in men’s tightie whities

When the "no pants" trend first emerged towards the end of 2022 worn exclusively by the model set (read: Kendall Jenner, Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid) we thought it would be but a fleeting thing. A blip on the fashion radar. After all, stepping out having *intentionally* forgotten to dress your lower half can't be a lewk that translates to IRL dressing for us mere mortals, surely?

However, it seems the trend is determined to stay with Kendall – who has become the unofficial no trousers poster girl – repping her go-to oversized shirt and that's about it 'fit just this week. What's more, it seems the trend is catching on. Dua Lipa, Emma Corrin and Kylie Minogue have all repped the trouserless look in recent months, and now Heidi Klum is the latest to ditch her trews in favour of sporting men's tightie whities.

Taking to Instagram to give her followers a look at her latest photoshoot for People StyleWatch, one look in particular caught our eye. Perched on a stool, Heidi can be seen wearing a red knitted jumper, men's white Y-front briefs and, err, that's about it save for a backwards cap on her head.

White socks pulled up to her mid-calf and black loafers complete the look, and further lean into the masculine aesthetic of the photo.

Unlike some of the other trends and microtrends we've experienced in 2023, think tomato girl and coquette aesthetic, this tells you everything you need to know straight away. It's as simple as celebs foregoing trousers or skirts to instead wear just underwear or sometimes tights. It's no wonder it's proving controversial.

Hmm, the jury is still out for us.

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