Heidi Klum’s sexy selfie sparks social media debate

“She’s beautiful. There’s nothing wrong.” “I vote we allow her to show as much as she wishes.” Heidi Klum recently sparked a skin-tastic debate on social media with a sexy selfie, but on Yahoo the gorgeous star is scoring mostly praise.

In the makeup-free shot, the 44-year-old model, producer, “America’s Got Talent” judge, and mom of four appears to be wearing only a towel, and is showing a lot of cleavage. She captioned the photo: “Catching the last Sun-rays of the day.” Instagram followers were quick to call out Klum, many shaming her for “craving attention.” Other fans came to her defense: “Let the lady live and enjoy life.” (It’s worth noting that Heidi is famous for flaunting her figure; compared to some other revealing social media posts, this one’s rather tame.)

For the most part, Yahoo Newsroom readers aren’t seeing a problem: “Mature women are smoking hot.” Another reader added, “She still has it. She’s still flaunting it. Go her!”

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