Heinz Christmas Dinner Big Soup will be back on Asda shelves, including new vegan option

Christmas Dinner Big Soup is back, with a vegan option (Heinz)
Christmas Dinner Big Soup is back, with a vegan option (Heinz)

Heinz has decided to bring back its delicious Christmas dinners in a tin for the upcoming festive season, after last year’s unprecedented success.

As the days get colder, there is nothing better to warm you from the inside than with a bowl of delicious soup, and Heinz’s Christmas edition is no exception.

Heinz is not only a family favourite on this side of the pond, as Drew Barrymore recently announced her love for the brand calling it both “hearty” and “yummy”.

“We’ve been hard at work all year perfecting our recipes for both the meat and vegan versions,” said Heinz Soup’s marketing manager Bahar Kiransa.

“After last year’s reaction, bringing it back was a no-brainer.”

What is Heinz Christmas Dinner Big Soup?

The £2 Christmas dinner edition for Heinz is a thick and chunky soup featuring all the favourite festive trimmings.

The meaty version of this year’s Christmas Dinner includes turkey breast, potatoes, pigs in blankets and sage, parsnips, sprouts, carrots, cranberry sauce, and onion stuffing balls.

Meanwhile, the new vegan option includes plant-based alternatives with lots of delicious vegetables, vegan sausage, and stuffing balls brought together with mouth-watering gravy.

Where to purchase your Heinz Christmas Dinner

Family favourite Heinz will unveil 20,000 new Christmas-themed tins including a new vegan option, at selected Asda shops from Thursday, November 24.

Priced at £2.50p - more expensive than last year - Heinz has says that the hearty soup is “ideal comfort food for those long winter nights”.

Fans of Heinz’s Christmas dinner in a tin shared their joy at its return, with one commenting on it being a “Christmas miracle in itself”.

While another user added: “Bringing it back for the ultimate Christmas vibes”.

Despite far more tins available than last year, consumers will need to act fast if they want to get their hands on the Christmas in a tin meal.

“Based on last year’s demand, they’re expected to sell like hot cakes, so if you want to sample the hearty, chunky flavours, you’ll have to be quick,” said a Heinz spokesperson.

Where the Christmas dinner in a tin idea came from

Heinz commissioned a survey last year to further explore the eating habits of Britons.

Out of 2027 UK adults asked, nearly a quarter admitted they would gladly eat Christmas dinner every day if they could.

The survey, which was conducted by Opinium Research, also revealed more than a third preferred a Christmas meal to any other meal and around two-fifths would eat it more often if the preparation time wasn’t as long.

It would seem Heinz not only listened but also delivered, as their tasty Christmas meal is easy to prepare and tastes just like Christmas.