Helen Flanagan Has Quit Smoking For Good Following Arrival Of Baby Matilda

New mum Helen Flanagan has made no secret of her penchant for a cheeky cig or two in the past, but has now vowed that she has kicked the habit for good - and it’s all thanks to her baby daughter, Matilda.

HURRAH - Happy ‘No More Smoking Ever’ Day, Flanners.

The former Coronation Street star has been a smoker for absolutely yonks, but the minute she found out that she was preggers she swapped the cigarettes for nicotine patches and hasn’t looked back.

According to The Daily Star, the 24 year old told her boyf Scott Sinclair that she will never smoke again, especially as the lovebirds plan to have more tiny babies in the future.

A friend of Helen’s told the paper: "Becoming pregnant has completely changed her perspective.

“Now Matilda has been born she doesn’t even want cigs in the house.”

Which, to be fair, we can totally get on board with.

Perhaps making reference to the speculation surrounding her smoking habits, Helen took to her Instagram account yesterday to share yet another snapshot of new mummy bliss.

Cradling the tiny baby, and with a look of pure love in her eyes, Flanners captioned the photo with: “Nothing I wouldn’t do for my girl.”

Sounds about right.

Baby Matilda was welcomed into the world last Monday, a whopping two weeks later than expected, but judging by the whole load of adorbs snaps that Helen has been sharing all over social media, she was definitely worth the wait.