Helen Mirren did her ‘Tonight Show’ interview from the bathtub: 'My favorite place in the world'

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Helen Mirren surprised Jimmy Fallon from her bathtub during The Tonight Show Thursday, showing up to promote the latest movie from Fast and Furious by keeping things relaxed and bubbly.

“I’m in my favorite place in the world,” Mirren said. “That's the brilliant thing about Zoom. I was thinking, you know, why not be in the place that you love to sit and chat to people? I love having a chat to my husband while I'm sitting in the bath. So, why not do it to the whole of America?”

And while Fallon could only say that Mirren “might be” the first guest ever to be in a bathtub on The Tonight Show, fans on Twitter were shocked at what they saw, and they loved it. Saying things like, “We’re not worthy” and, “You might be cool but are you cooler than Helen Mirren being interviewed by Jimmy Fallon in a bathtub on The Tonight Show?”

Although as Mirren quickly learned, bubbles don’t last forever. Luckily the skill of knowing how to perfectly segue to promote your movie, does.

“I'm running out of bubbles though, that's the problem,” the Oscar, Emmy and Tony winner said with a laugh. And when Fallon promised to make the interview very fast she replied, “Very fast please. Fast and furious.”

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