Helicopter Comes to Rescue of Pair Caught Out by Avalanche in California Mountains

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Aviation Unit and Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit pulled off a helicopter rescue of two climbers on San Jacinto Mountain, California, on April 24.

In a statement, the RMRU said two people on the north face of San Jacinto mountain were caught in an avalanche that was set off by the “extreme heat” that’s come soon after recent heavy snow.

Video released by the RMRU shows a helicopter hovering off the mountainside as the rescue is underway. A second video shows a small avalanche of snow falling down the mountain.

In their account of the rescue on their website, the RMRU thanked pilot Manny Romero and technical flight officer Michael Chevalier. “Without them this mission would not have been possible as getting to the subjects by foot would have been out of the question given the objective hazards,” they said. Credit: Riverside Mountain Rescue via Storyful

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