Helicopter Crash Caught Live On Internet

Jonathan Samuels, Australia correspondent
Helicopter Crash Caught Live On Internet

Horrified internet viewers in New Zealand have seen live pictures of a helicopter becoming entangled in cables and crashing to the ground.

It was helping install a giant Christmas tree on Auckland's waterfront when its blades appeared to catch cables attached to scaffolding causing it to break up about 25ft above ground.

The dramatic footage was filmed by TV New Zealand and was being broadcast live on their website.

The B2 Squirrel helicopter's tail is seen breaking up, causing the rest of the aircraft to spin round and crash.

The pilot was seen being thrown around the cabin but incredibly he survived and was seen walking away from the scene with the help of two workmen involved in the project.

He is now receiving medical attention in hospital but is believed to have avoided serious injury.

The TV station named him as Greg Gribble, saying he has 20 years flying experience.

Speaking to TVNZ his son Jazz Gribble said he spoke to his father shortly after the crash and he was "shaken but doing reasonably well".

The Civil Aviation Authority is now investigating the accident.

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