Helicopter crashes at Gloucestershire Airport

A helicopter has crashed at Gloucestershire Airport in Staverton
-Credit: (Image: Anonymous submission)

A helicopter crashed at Gloucestershire Airport in Staverton on Thursday. The incident happened at about 1pm and there are no reports of injuries.

Emergency services were called immediately to the scene, with the incident having been reported to the Air Accident Investigation Branch. In a Facebook post made by Gloucestershire Airport it states: "On Thursday 20th June at 13.16 local an aircraft accident involving a Robinson R22 Helicopter owned by a based operator was declared at Gloucestershire Airport (EGBJ/GLO).

"The Gloucestershire Airport Emergency Plan was immediately activated and there was a full response by Local Authority Emergency Services. No injuries have been reported and the Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) have been notified.

"Gloucestershire Airport remains open. We are unable to provide any further information at this time and any updates will follow when appropriate.

"We thank you for your understanding at this time."