DHS Helicopter Hovers Low, Causing Dust to Envelop Minnesota Pipeline Protesters

A Department of Homeland Security helicopter hovered near protesters in northern Minnesota on Monday, June 7, causing a large cloud of dust and debris to form.

‘Stop Line 3’ demonstrators gathered in Hubbard County to protest plans to replace an aging pipeline that carries crude oil from Edmonton, Alberta, to Superior, Wisconsin.

Environmental and Indigenous groups campaigning against the pipeline say the plans by Enbridge Energy, a Canadian-based company, would worsen climate change and trespass on Ojibwe territory.

Protest organisers said more than 2,000 people took part in action on Monday, including 25 people who locked themselves to heavy machinery.

Enbridge Energy resumed construction of the pipeline in June, sparking renewed action from those opposing the pipeline. Credit: Alec Connon via Storyful

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