Helicopter Plucks Family and Dogs From Flood in Dramatic Night Rescue

A family and their dogs were rescued from rising floodwater from a home in New South Wales on Tuesday, November 15, rescue services have said.

Video footage shared by LifeFlight Australia shows an older couple, their daughter and two dogs being winched to safety from the property, which is in the outskirts of the the town of Forbes, according to LifeFlight Australia.

The two women were lifted up in the rescue basket first, followed by an 83-year-old man. A rescue worker then returned to the helicopter, carrying the two small dogs in a specialized flight bag, LifeFlight Australia said.

Residents in Forbes were told to evacuate on November 16, with major flooding continuing into the weekend. Credit: LifeFlight Australia via Storyful

Video transcript




- Roger that. So we'll do the two ladies first. Then we will do the elderly gentleman last. I will send him up.