'What the Hell Is That?': Space Debris Reentry Wows Skywatchers

Space debris was spotted creating spectacular streaks of light in the night sky above southern Africa as it reentered the atmosphere on Saturday, December 11.

Video by Craig Kolesky shows the blazing trails in the sky. Kolesky, who lives in South Africa, said he was on a trip in Lesotho when he captured the footage.

He told Storyful, “We were forced to camp on [a] mountain pass due to roads been washed out from really bad weather.” After hearing a “weird noise”, he looked up and saw the spectacular sight, he said.

Tim Cooper, from the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa, was quoted in local media saying the spectacle was from the “re-entry into the atmosphere of spacecraft debris.” Credit: Craig Kolesky via Storyful

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