Hello! Diver Watches on as Octopus and Pufferfish Cross Paths

A diver captured a brief but extremely cute interaction between an octopus and a pufferfish in waters close to Rye Pier on Mornington Peninsula, footage shared to Instagram shows.

Diver and keen photographer Jules Casey is based on the peninsula, which is on the shores of Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, and caught this cute encounter on camera.

“I noticed this pale octopus moving towards a globefish which was hiding in a concrete block,” Casey told Storyful. Casey originally posted the footage on June 3.

“As the octopus moved closer the globefish came out of hiding to say hello to the octopus … This interaction was brief and they both went their separate ways,” she said.

Casey often posts footage of what she sees below the waves at Port Phillip Bay to her OneBreathDiver Instagram account, where she has over 90,000 followers.

Her work documents interesting marine life, as well as dangers posed to underwater creatures by pollution. Credit: Jules Casey via Storyful

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