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Fish and chips
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Fish and chips are a British institution, a delicious, comforting meal enjoyed by many. Whether you prefer your fish battered or breaded, your chips chunky or thin, one thing is certain: the quest for the perfect fish and chips is a serious one. And in a city like Bristol, where the choice is diverse, finding the best fish and chips can be a difficult task.

BristolLive is on a mission to find the city's best fish and chips. We want to know your favourite spots for this beloved dish.

Bristol is home to a variety of fish and chip shops, each with its unique spin on this classic dish. From the traditional to the innovative, from the well-established to the new and trendy, there's something to satisfy every fish and chip lover in our city.

We invite you to share your thoughts and tell us where you believe the finest fish and chips in Bristol can be found. Maybe it’s a hidden gem tucked away in a quiet neighbourhood, or perhaps it’s a bustling seaside stall that always has a queue.

By sharing your favourite fish and chip spots, you’re helping us uncover the best Bristol has to offer. Your recommendation could help fellow Bristolians find their next favourite meal.

Have your say and enter your suggestion in the survey below. Let’s find the best fish and chips in Bristol together!

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