Henry Bolton's wife says he has 'abandoned his children' as ex Ukip leader is grilled over Jo Marney relationship

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

This is the excruciating moment ex-Ukip leader Henry Bolton was forced to listen to a statement from his wife accusing him of “abandoning” his family.

Mr Bolton appeared on This Morning with girlfriend Jo Marney just days after he announced the pair were back together.

The couple, who originally got together at the end of last year, were being questioned about their relationship when host Phillip Schofield produced a “lengthy statement” from Tatiana Smurova – Mr Bolton’s estranged wife.

Ms Smurova said the past two months had been “horrendous” after her husband left her for the 25-year-old model.

Henry Bolton was read a statement from his wife while he was interviewed with girlfriend Jo Marney (Rex)

Reading the statement, Schofield said: ‘The past two months have been horrendous for me and my family.

‘Rather than trying to protect the privacy of people whom he hurt so badly my still husband has given countless interviews proclaiming his feelings for his lover while still being legally married and up until recently still saying at the same time to me he wants our family to have a second chance.’

Ms Smurova said her husband should have ended their relationship in a ‘civilised’ manner, adding: ‘I believe nothing can be built on lies and unhappiness of other people.


‘It’s about foundation and I believe his departure from Ukip has shown this.’

Mr Bolton said that his marriage ‘isn’t over in legal terms’ and admitted that there was a ‘falling out’ over Christmas.

He added that the situation has been ‘aggravated by other people’ and recent ‘political pressure’ had made it difficult to arrange personal issues.

Mr Bolton’s wife said the past two months had been ‘horrendous’ (Rex)

The interview also saw Schofield ask whether Mr Bolton and Ms Marney were ‘private racists’, referring to offensive messages that Ms Marney sent about Meghan Markle.

That incident saw the couple briefly split and ultimately led to Mr Bolton being removed as Ukip leader after a vote of party members on Sunday.

Ms Marney tried to defend her remarks – that also included labelling Harvey Weinstein victims ‘whining little divas’ – by saying they were made in private.

The former Ukip leader denied he and Ms Marney were ‘private racists’ (ITV)

But This Morning host Holly Willoughby hit back: ‘It doesn’t matter if your choice of language is in the public eye or you’re just a human being.’

When Schofield asked if the couple were ‘private racists’, Mr Bolton responded: ‘Absolutely not. I absolutely do not believe these comments reflect Jo’s beliefs.’

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