Henry Cavill James Bond Trailer Gets 2.3M Views Despite Being an AI Fake

Henry Cavill fans can finally see the British actor as James Bond — sorta.

A fake Bond movie trailer “starring” the former Witcher star has been racking up millions of views on YouTube despite being a total fake.

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The “Bond 26” trailer introduces Cavill as the new Bond using a mix of footage from other movies and artificial intelligence. The trailer also ambitiously casts Margot Robbie as a Bond girl.

So far, the wannabe trailer has generated 2.3 million viewers, presumably driven by a mix of fans enjoying it as a “what-if” effort, along with some being fooled by it.

“Please note that this video is a concept trailer created solely for artistic and entertainment purposes,” creator KHStudio notes. “I have meticulously incorporated various effects, sound design, AI technologies, movie analytics, and other elements to bring my vision to life. Its purpose is purely artistic, aiming to entertain and engage with the YouTube community. My goal is to showcase my creativity and storytelling skills through this trailer. Thank you for your support, and let’s dive into the world of imagination.”

If the trailer were really for the next Bond movie, however, it would make for a somewhat disappointing entry given the trailer is pretty light on the spectacle. Also, Cavill-Bond has an American accent, which is a bit odd.

For years, Cavill fans have been hoping the actor would succeed Daniel Craig in the iconic super-spy role. In recent weeks, Aaron Taylor-Johnson has been the latest actor rumored (and entirely unconfirmed) to be the new top choice for the role. Cavill is currently making the media rounds for his Guy Ritchie World War II action caper The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, which opens this weekend, and was once again asked if there was any update on whether he could get the call.

“I have no idea,” Cavill told The Rich Eisen Show. “All I’ve got to go off is the rumors. The same information you have. Maybe I’m too old now, maybe I’m not. It’s up to [producers] Barbara Broccoli and Mike Wilson and we’ll see what their plans are.”

If Cavill is indeed “too old” now, it would be a rather cruel irony given that he was reportedly considered too young when he previously auditioned for the role back when producers were casting 2006’s Casino Royale. Since then, Cavill played many super-spy characters that suggest he would be well suited for the role, from Mission: Impossible: Fallout to The Man from U.N.C.L.E. to Argylle.

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare has Cavill once again playing a capable British government asset, and the film is generating positive reviews, currently at 79 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

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