Henry Winkler issues urgent warning over London rickshaw taxis

Henry Winkler has warned tourists heading to London to avoid taking rickshaw rides around town or else face huge travel bills.

The 78-year-old Happy Days icon was far from impressed when he was slapped with a bill in excess of £100 after utilising one of the bicycle taxis in the British capital.

Taking to social media while he was in the city, the actor urgently warned others to avoid the mode of transport at all costs.

Sharing a photograph of his view from the seat of the transportation, Henry wrote on X, "TRAVEL TIP: DO NOT take one of these bicycle taxis without absolutely negotiating the price first."

He continued, "This person in London rode us around in circles then finally to our destination 7 blocks away...for $170 US! (£130)"

He added, "My fault, I paid, but passenger beware!"

The American star later updated his view to suggest tourists should never travel via rickshaw under any circumstances, quote-posting himself and adding a caption stating, "TRAVEL TIP: DO NOT Period."

Henry had a better experience visiting the iconic food and home department store Fortnum & Mason where he picked up a tube of pistachio and clotted cream-flavoured biscuits.

Sharing a photo of the treat on his feed, the Scream star wrote, "FOOD TIP: when in London this Department store THESE cookies!!! O BOY."

And when asked by a fan what they tasted like, he replied, "heaven".