Herd of cheeky deer make themselves at home in suburban London neighbourhood

Danny Jackson, 44, spotted the trespassers on Saturday at around 8am as they explored people's gardens and nibbled on grass and rose bushes.

Danny, from Canvey Island, explains: "I’m a wedding photographer and I was delivering some photos to a client in Harold Hill when I noticed the deer.

"There is a woods nearby but I’ve never noticed them so far into the estate before.

"I presume the recent heatwave has dried up their usual grazing areas and so they had ventured further in.

"I spent some time following them as they travelled from garden to garden. At one point they entered a garden with several rose bushes and they ate all the roses.

"They seemed quite unfazed by me as they walked, occasionally leaping over the small wall dividing the properties.

"They reminded me of a group of rebellious teenagers up to no good."

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