Herd of deer spotted swimming across Alabama lake

This is the moment a herd of deer were spotted swimming in a group through a lake. The four whitetailed deer, two adult does and two babies, made their way across Smith Lake near Arley, Alabama, USA, last Saturday (6/11). After a two minute paddle, the group can be seen exiting the water on a sand bank and disappearing into some trees. The herd were captured by Kevin Schambeau, 51, who was enjoying a day out by the lake with friend Devin Windom, 31. Kevin, a dentist from Hoover, Alabama, said: "I couldn't believe it, it was so cool to witness that in person. "I had seen a solo deer swim before, but never four together. "I think they were two females with both their fawns, my best guess they swam across the lake hoping to find a better food source." A deer's outer coat has hollow hair making them buoyant and able to have about a third of their body out the water while swimming. They can reach up to 15mph in water without exerting much effort, but will only do so in the pursuit of food or safety. The video was taken on November 6 2021 at 11:45am.

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