A herd of wild horses are caught splashing through a deep river

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A herd of wild horses were caught on camera splashing through a deep river one after the other.

The horses followed each other as they crossed through Salt River in Maricopa County, Arizona, USA which came up to their necks.

They were spotted by Caryn Hollander, 58, and her husband Gene Hollander, 59, on March 26 2021 as the sun was just starting to set over the Tonto National Forest.

Caryn, from Buffalo Grove, Illinois, said: "We went to specifically look for the horses.  We had heard that they had already crossed the river and thought we missed them. 

"We were heading back to the car when we spotted them crossing again.

"We were so exited to see them cross because that was not something we had ever observed before, we usually just see them hanging around eating!

"I was shocked it came out so well. I wanted to share the video with others because I new it was special so I put it on Facebook and the response was amazing."

The video was taken on March 26 2021 at 6pm