Hereford is getting worse and it's really alarming

Hereford's pavements are in a bad way, one reader says <i>(Image: Rob Davies)</i>
Hereford's pavements are in a bad way, one reader says (Image: Rob Davies)

REGARDING neglect of our city pavements. Amidst the debate about redesigning the city centre streets and the enormous sums of money involved, let alone the consultancy fees, our pavements seem to have been forgotten.

Long-term neglect has caused a substantial proportion of these to deteriorate to an alarming degree. Surfaces are rough, pitted and uneven.


Tripping hazards for the unwary, ponding of rainwater during wet weather in depressions and holed tarmac and other difficulties for the pedestrian include overhanging hedges narrowing access.

Sections of pavement are so narrow that traffic is excessively close and kerbs affected by settlement with projecting edges.


This issue affects older people in particular. Given that the older population comprises a substantial proportion of the city and county inhabitants overall, please can we have a debate on the matter?



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