Herefordshire family devastated after 'barbaric' killing of pet pig

Herefordshire family devastated after 'barbaric' killing of pet pig <i>(Image: Yolande Doughty)</i>
Herefordshire family devastated after 'barbaric' killing of pet pig (Image: Yolande Doughty)

A DEVASTATED pet owner has spoken of her horror after her pet pig was killed "in the most barbaric manner" as she slept in her shelter.

Yolande Doughty, who lives in Storridge on the Herefordshire border, has issued a plea for people to come forward after four-and-a-half-year-old Kunekune pig Holly was killed in the early hours of March 22.

The pink and black pig, who had lived with the Doughty family since she was 10 weeks old, was a much-loved pet.

Hereford Times:
Hereford Times:

Often seen pottering around her home next to the busy A4103 where she lived with the family's donkeys and sheep, Holly was well-known by locals, with Mrs Doughty describing her as a "bit of a local celebrity".

But Holly's life was tragically cut short at around 3am on Wednesday, with the perpetrators then dragging her body across the field before lifting her over the fence beside the main road and taking her away.

The family, who discovered the awful scene later that morning, believe this would have taken several people, as Holly weighed around 100 kilograms.

"It is beyond horrific," Mrs Doughty said.


"She was dearly loved and such a character, and we are in utter shock. She was so lovely and trusting, and she would not for one minute have thought that someone was coming to harm her. It is like someone coming into the garden and killing my dog.

"These people, who are prepared to carry out the most barbaric of acts, need to be caught. They have no regard for life."

The community has rallied behind the family, with complete strangers sending messages of support and bouquets of flowers.

"So many people are so horrified by what has happened and many have messaged me to say that they used to look out for her when they were passing," Mrs Doughty said.

Mrs Doughty said police are actively investigating the crime, with a forensics team having visited the scene, but that she is keen for anyone who may have seen anything out of the ordinary in the area to get in touch with officers.

Hereford Times:
Hereford Times:

"It's a busy main road, so it's possible that someone driving past may have seen something," she said.

The family is also contacting large hauliers to ask if their drivers have any information or dashcam footage that could identify the killers.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact quoting crime reference number 22/27491/23.

There is a substantial reward on offer.